Vesteraalens AS

Havnegata 17 
P.B. 214, 8401 Sortland NORWAY

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Research and development

Vesteraalens has its own laboratory, a work environment used to perform scientific research, experiments and measurements under controlled circumstances. The development of new quality products requires high-level skills, and Vesteraalens currently possesses these skills.

2016-12-0714:30 Svein Hokland

Vesteraalens’ R&D projects are creative projects conducted in collaboration with other market participants. The objective is to gain increased knowledge that can be applied in new ways. Currently, Vesteraalens has three employees who are directly associated with research and development.  In the new factory, we will include modern, state-of-the-art facilities designed for future-oriented activity.

In the long term, Vesteraalens’ R&D activities will contribute to increasing the quality of new and existing products. The development of additional products will create even more workplaces within and in association with Vesteraalens.

Our research and development projects are the basis for innovation, and the results mean the introduction of new products or processes. Innovation can also be based on existing knowledge pertaining to fishing resources and new technology for more efficient industrial production.