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Vesteraalens fish oil in Baby Formulas

Enable new marked segments for your product

2018-03-0709:16 Øystein Lihaug Hjelle

Health benefits for kids are:

Mental growth and development: According to certain studies, infants that were fed formulas enhanced with omega-3 fatty acid DHA showed remarkable improvement in different areas. DHA has an effect on their attention span, general intelligence, eye-hand coordination and social skills among other things.

Asthma: Studies also confirm the fact that teenage children with mothers who took fish oil during pregnancy, weren’t as likely to develop asthma compared to the once not taking this supplement.

Brain development: When omega-3 is added to baby formula´s, it stimulates brain growth on premature babies.


Benefits for your company:

 - Differentiate your product and increase sales and margin.

 - Enable new market segments for your product.

 - Completely natural supplement.

 - We support you with insight and research resources on how to best apply our oil in your product. 

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