Vesteraalens AS

Havnegata 17 
P.B. 214, 8401 Sortland NORWAY

(+47) 76 11 05 90



"Where the fish go, we follow"

Vesteraalens AS is a fish-processing plant in Sortland, in the Vesterålen islands. Our proximity to the open ocean provides access to the world’s finest fish resources year round. You will find Vesteraalens wherever the fish roam - "Where the fish go, we follow".

2016-04-1212:26 Ørnulf

Vesteraalens is looking forward to producing new and exciting products for the entire world from our new factory. Vesteraalens is certain that the finest fresh ingredients are the key to making the best products; this is why we always use 100% fresh raw materials in our products.

In our opinion, this rule, along with the best workers and a shared commitment to avoiding artificial additives in our products, provides the consumer with a good, wholesome and nutritious dining experience.

Vesteraalens maintains optimal control over production - from the time the fish is delivered at the receiving station up until the final product is ready for the consumer - this gives Vesteraalens a world-class traceability rating. Our keen focus on sustainable fisheries has earned us accreditation to mark our products with the MSC, GOED and Friend of the Sea labels.  These labels demonstrate that Vesteraalens is committed to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, as well as traceability all the way back to the fisherman/fishing boat.

Altogether, these combine to ensure security along the entire value chain and for consumers throughout the world.